8(a) Certified Woman Owned Business
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For operations within an organization to run smoothly, one must consider even the tiniest details. Government sectors will need to smoothly run their operations to render the services expected from them by the public.

Our commitment at GOALS is to assist your organization in running the flow within your office through our administration and management support. We can deploy experienced administrative and management assistants to your office to fulfill various functions.

  • Administrative Management
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • General Management
  • Medical Office Management
  • Records Management
  • Re-organizational Services
  • Site Location Services
  • Selection Services
  • Strategic Planning Services


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Our staff members are available on a temporary, as needed or long-term basis. We will be happy to address your administrative and management needs through our support solutions. Kindly call us at 678-542-5333 to discuss your requirements.